Love Art Sushi

Date Completed: October 2016

Love Art Sushi is a restaurant with locations in Storrs, CT and Boston serving healthy build-your-own sushi bowls, salads, tea, and other small bites. Under the same management (Ron & Jess), they rebranded themselves from their previously run H.A. Cafe, with an entirely new menu and look. As part of their renovations, they painted an entire wall with chalkboard paint as a canvas for the ‘Art’ in their namesake. I had the wonderful opportunity to fill that wall as their first featured artist.

These are some sketches that I originally had in mind for the wall. They’re done in my own lettering style and I incorporated a fish, which was an element that Jess wanted. After consulting with them though, they wanted me to stick to their own font, Bentham, so that their branding would be consistent.

LAS sticker
Sticker design with the Bentham font done by my friend Will
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.17.43 PM
Their official letterhead

Jess and Ron also wanted an element of interaction between customers and the artwork. Kelsey Montague has a beautiful campaign titled #WhatLiftsYou that spread through social media. Her work invites people to insert themselves in the artwork to take photos.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 1.45.39 PM.png
Mural on Kenmare St. in SoHo, NYC (2015)

So I had to find a way to incorporate that within the Love Art Sushi theme. The wall was big though, so there was plenty of room to be creative. I ended up using the fins of beta fish as inspiration for the “wings”.


The entire piece took a total of about 20 hours to complete. I started at the beginning of the week and I went in around 9/10 each night and would stay for a couple of hours. On the last night that I had to work on it, I stayed until 5 in the morning (not good for my health, but I happen to work well under pressure).


Most of it came about as I went along with it. The only things that I had set on paper were the placement of the fish, and their logo set in the center. The circular orb was an addition on the spot, as my way of delineating space for the type. The fins that formed itself into the wing-like structure came about within the last couple hours of me working on the piece. I was panicking at that point, because I didn’t have a clear idea of how I was going to complete it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 6.01.02 PM

And this is the final design! It was lightly sprayed with a fixative to set the chalk in place, so it wouldn’t smudge too much if people happened to rub against the wall when taking photos. But Ron and Jess hope to have new artwork done in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 6.01.25 PM

This was by far the largest piece of work I’ve ever done and I hope I have more opportunities to work with chalk in the future. It also makes me really happy to see people taking photos with the work! The amazing team at Love Art Sushi also graciously fed me with their delicious food while I worked with them. Definitely go grab some if you ever get the chance to visit!



Mga Balikbayan

The Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue, Inc. (FIND, Inc.) is a non-profit organization that connects Filipino American student organizations all over the east coast. Every semester, they host conferences at different schools across the districts with different themes reaching cultural empowerment, professional development, and community building. I had the opportunity to represent District II (UConn) as a National Director for a semester and a half. Before that, I was the graphic design chair and documentations co-chair for the fall dialogue of 2015.

I originally submitted another design (completed half-heartedly) that wasn’t approved because it wasn’t unique enough to the theme of the conference itself. I didn’t really think about the message of the title itself and settled for just a map of the Philippines with the title and info on the banner in a font that I thought looked nice. In my mind, this simply stated that 1)this is a conference and 2)it’s related to being Filipino (job done). But of course, that wasn’t enough.


This was my first experience with branding, and not to mention, my first time actually designing graphics (thank you for trusting me with this, FIND). I took the shortcut to create something that would simply look nice without considering its intended thematic direction. The motivating message behind ‘Mga Balikbayan’ was a sort of homecoming, through which delegates were able to connect to their cultural roots to understand how they can impact their own communities. A balikbayan box is a universally recognized term amongst the Filipino and Filipino American community as a care package filled with toys, clothes, electronics and other goods that are difficult to obtain in the Philippines. It also symbolizes the patriotism and devotion that Filipinos have for their mother country. So, in a literal sense, the balikbayan boxes had to be shipped over on airplanes, as well as those returning to their country. The plane was the image I decided to run with.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.16.56 PM
The ‘A’ of Balikbayan was the plane that I later digitized

In making the original design, I didn’t make any preliminary sketches and started layouts straight in Illustrator, which was bad because I had no direction of what I wanted or where I was going. So this time around, I made some quick sketches and decided to return to what I was most familiar with – hand lettering. I drew all the letters in ink except for the ‘A’ in Balikbayan, which I created a plane for digitally.


This was the general flyer that I came up with for the event. This design was also used to print on shirts for the planning board, national board, and volunteers involved with the event.


I had fun creating the event banner, which was used for the Facebook event page as well as cover photos for those promoting the event. It’s a plane ticket to be used as entry for the conference.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.18.32 PM

This was one version of the name tags that were printed and worn with lanyards for the day of conference. Different colors were used to differentiate national board, planning board, documentations crew, volunteers, workshop moderators, and general delegates.

Only photo I have of myself from the event

I sadly didn’t take any photos other than the one above taken by my friend Christian (who I met through FIND!). It’s ironic that I was documentations co-chair and I forgot to document myself… I was too busy running around trying to help run the event (there were more than 700 people who attended!) and making sure things run smoothly. I invested so much into this event because I loved the team behind it and the message we were trying to spread. This was also the first time in the twenty-something years of FIND, Inc. that UConn was able to host, which was a big deal. What made this experience really special though was the chance for me to push my limits and create more than I thought I was able to. I learned how to turn my hand-lettered drawings into digital designs, and I’ve used that in so many other projects since then. This is still my favorite project to date and I am forever grateful for having helped with this conference.

Creative Ideas: Served Daily

Date Completed: March 2016

This chalkboard wall was painted for a previous student who drew simple, but beautiful line drawings almost every week. After the student graduated, one of her drawings remained but the wall had been untouched for over a year. One of my good friends pushed me to take the opportunity to create something on a large scale – this was definitely the largest work that I completed at the time, and my first work in a public space! After meeting with the department head and getting the okay, I was good to go.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.51.57 PM

I started working around 10PM on a Sunday night, hoping to be in an empty building. Of course, dedicated art students are always there at weird hours. I also didn’t want to be caught by anyone erasing the previous artwork, since it had been there for so long and everyone had loved it (I didn’t want to be known as that girl that took it away). I ended up staying past 3 in the morning to finish it.



My friend and I really admire Lauren Hom’s work, who’s art style was my inspiration for this piece. She’s done a number of beautiful chalk pieces that communicate ideas really well. I also love the transient nature of chalk – it can be erased, can always be reworked, and not to mention, cheap!


Me (5’1″) for scale

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.51.28 PM

This photo was sent to me by the Department Head, showing the finished project in view while a painting class is in session. It gave the area a renewed vibrancy and a motivational message about the talented students we have at the School of Fine Arts. Now, the chalkboard wall is used for other student projects, continually being used to express new ideas.